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    GaFound helps you inspect the factory circumstance.

    It includes the production capacity, factory environment, labor quantity and so on.

    Factory Visit Audits steps:

    The pre-audit

    Prior to a factory audit you will most likely to go through the process of supplier identification. It is a good idea to have any data you have collected during the audit.

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    Audit objectives

    Make sure you know exactly what your objectives are before starting the audit. In general, the objective of any supplier-identification process is to identify a suitable manufacturing partner in China.

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    What is a “suitable manufacturing partner?”

    There are a lot of mega-size and relatively professional factories in China. Keep in mind, however, that just because a factory has the most modern facilities and a staff that speaks English.It doesn’t mean it is the right fit for your company.

    Any factory audit in China should also include a chance for you to face to face with the factory management. Not only will this allow you to collect data in regard to the more technical requirements of the audit. But it will also allow you and the factory personnel to introduce each other’s businesses at the highest level.

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    The technical review

    This is the core of the audit, most of the factory data are collected. It’s important to have a well-organized reporting format. Following are a few of the key areas of the technical review:

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    Business registration, ownership, and organizational structure. In this section you should identify the ownership breakdown of the organization, ensure business and manufacturing licenses. It’s also beneficial to note the factory’s approximate sales volumes for the past and current year. You may also want to review and photocopy the factory’s organizational chart.