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    Sourcing from China is a common activity today. But if you would like to find a right path for sourcing in China first time, you must think about you should choose a manufacturers directly or choose a China sourcing agent. As far as I’m concerned, choosing a sourcing agent is a better option. Although the business environment is becoming much more challenging than ever, China sourcing agent still can helps you reduce cost, gain efficiency by leveraging our resources on talent, service and expertise of cross-industry experience.

    1. You save time and effort

    If you want to look for some suitable manufacturers and you need to try to research many different products at once, the daily slog of emails to different Chinese suppliers was sucking up a hell of a lot of time. And usually, you want to get price and delivery information for more than one product, you will have days of back and forth with endless emails. However, if you cooperate with GaFound, these problems are able to be avoided. It can search any useful information and sort out date for you about the market and products. You can just be a questioner or a reader.

    1. You get a better price and fewer units

    If you always start off with 100-200 units when you want to test a product, see how it behaves, get a feel for the material and overall performance. Most of the time, it’s difficult for you to get lower prices from manufacturer. But GaFound can help you. It offers negotiable MOQ. You are able to get a better price too.

    1. You get a competitive advantage

    You might even have noticed many manufacturers tending to add things like ‘ bestseller ’ to titles in their advertisement. Now think about that, do you really want to be using them? If all distributors use the exact same sourcing sites, how can you be the best seller at local market? GaFound can help to solve this problem. It tries to study the latest products, the newest design and technology, so you can get the most distinctive products. This absolutely gives you an advantage because new items always catch eyes.

    1. You get good communication experience

    Strong communications systems are critical to supply chain management. Good online technology also encourages local operations to coordinate buying efforts and thus maximize the cost savings that Chinese sourcing agent brings. GaFound do well in this respect. It is familiar with common social platforms for convenient communication.

    Choosing a suitable sourcing agent is good channel to learn about Chinese market and the change of the products. In order to develop your business well, contacting and discussing with GaFound is an opportunity.