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    Are you looking to start business with Chinese factory?

    Are you looking for new unique and interesting products?

    You cannot miss out the Canton Fair / China Visit Package. Canton Fair, also known as the “China Import & Export Fair”, is the largest trade fair in China.

    Canton Fair / China Visit Package china textile apparel sourcing agent

    Canton Fair / China Visit Package Package


    GaFound offers you any consultation about Canton Fair / China Visit Package, it includes various aspects, such as issues with suppliers, managing your import risks and so on.

    If you want to have a visit to Canton Fair, we help you arrange relevant services for you. Visiting China for the first time can be quite a challenge due to the language barrier. While more and more people start to speak English, language still remains a big challenge for foreigners visiting China.

    Therefore, we have especially designed the “Canton Fair Package” or the “China Visit Package”, so that you can focus on the business and allow us to take care of the rest. We take care of these things like ordering at restaurant, finding your way around, providing a translator etc. for you.